Alex John Morrison

Capt. Alex John Morrison (b.1950)

Melbost, Borve, Isle of Lewis.

Captain of ‘The Isle of Lewis’, Caledonian Macbrayne


Role at UOG: Director,

First Appointed Nov 2007 



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" ’S e an ceangail as motha a th'nn, ma tha daoine ga fhaicinn, gur ann leis a a choimhearsneachd a tha an urras...'S ann leis na daoine a tha an oighreachd,  

feumaidh daoine sin a chuimhneachadh..."

Alex John Morrison 2016

Translation from Scottish Gaelic:  "The strongest tie [between the community and the estate] whether people see it or not, is that the community is the trust...the estate belongs to the people, and folk need to remember that..."

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